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By Melanie Guy | More art by Melanie Guy

Category: Drawing

Art Number: 115

Incidental folds create a barrier suggesting divorce of the subject from the physical space.
A sense of isolation - capture and vulnerability.

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At first glance the life drawing doesn't relate to the sharp hard implements that she makes but look closely and the images of the models are both erotic and very real almost in a medical sense. It is a little discussed fact that a women's relationship with the erotic has to by its nature combine the paradox of pain. I find these pieces very interesting as they relate to the more painful side of women's eroticism, the implements used in child birth and for smear tests that provide terror for us from the very same place that can provide us with ecstasy.

I am disappointed that some of the work on this web site produced by lesbians so strongly reflects the ideal of woman as seen from the surface as glamorous and obviously either submissive or dominant.

Posted: 2013-May-15   13:50

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