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waiting by estelle grandidier waiting

By estelle grandidier | More art by estelle grandidier

Category: Sculpture

Art Number: 15

waiting by estelle grandidierwaiting by estelle grandidier

porcelain paper, slate, ribbon

Likes: 7   Comments: 3

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Guest Films (ID:105)
My Art (1)
Lovely! reminds me of those twee little porcelain figures that we used to have on the mantel piece. Only this one seems to have been in some kind of a hold up. Perhaps while we are all asleep in bed!

Posted: 2013-Feb-08   19:51

RowID: 31

Sirius 17 (ID:1)
IT Director
I like this, its very good !

Posted: 2013-Feb-19   15:48

RowID: 4

ilisamillermoon (ID:146)
My Art (10)
Letting go a wonderful thing indeed!

Posted: 2013-Mar-19   22:14

RowID: 22


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