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Pearlita by Lindsay Pearlita

By Lindsay | More art by Lindsay

Category: Sculpture

Art Number: 202

Pearlita by LindsayPearlita by Lindsay
Pearlita by LindsayPearlita by Lindsay

Studying Fine Art and living in a Mediterranean climate dramatically influenced my art work and offered me an opportunity to explore working in stone. Working outside all year round, I was able to experiment with new materials and to be inspired by the beautiful range of flora and fauna. Organic forms, fecundity and growth now, greatly, influence my art work.

My first experience of working with Alabaster, was in a sculpture competition that I had been selected for, in Spain. I was learning ‘on the job’ but, as soon as I started working with this stone, I felt an immediate affinity to the material. I also appreciated working with a unique piece of raw material that can never be replicated and its ageless history; Alabaster was originally sea water, being formed over 20 million years by the evaporation of inland seas. There are many inherent properties of Alabaster that provides the artist with a range of avenues to explore and I relish sanding the final form to the degree where the surface is so soft, it can feel like silk.

Utilising the tonal and textural properties of Alabaster, I have produced a range of sculptures exploring the theme of sensuality in three dimensions and entitled ‘Touching Your Senses’. Pearlita is one of this series and both the raw form and the rare rose colour conveyed aspects of the feminine form and the colour of skin. Taking advantage of the areas of greater and lesser translucence, this sculpture has ardent tactile and sensory values which, to really appreciate, you need to touch her, but, ever so gently.

Dimensions 18 cm x 16 cm x 7 cm.

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This is absolutely beautiful x

Posted: 2013-Mar-26   22:31

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Kelly Stanley (ID:107)
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This is stunning

Posted: 2014-Mar-20   21:57

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