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Yokefellow by Audrey Schmidt Yokefellow

By Audrey Schmidt | More art by Audrey Schmidt

Category: Other

Art Number: 225

Collage, 11.7 x 8.3 in, Print on Canson Rag
Photographic (1/10).

Schmidt creates her collages by hand, using traditional cut-and-paste techniques and uses imagery taken from magazines dedicated to anything from fetish and pornography to homemaking and fitness, reflecting complex and enduring relationships stitched to pop culture and the everyday. Stripped of their original meaning and recontextualized, her collages are simultaneously isolated, flattened and explicit; exposing the bizarre nature of the original imagery and emphasized by their new disjunction. Schmidt echoes Baudrillard, in that her collages are a testament to the notion that meaning is mortal and that the destruction and reconstruction of meaning through simulacrum is not a copy of the real but becomes ‘truth’ in its own right through simulation, hypersimulation and the hyperreal. Ultimately, her collages are surreal because they are simulacrous – or the not-quite truth.

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