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Nude 1 by Fionn Wilson Nude 1

By Fionn Wilson | More art by Fionn Wilson

Category: Painting

Art Number: 245

Heavy body acrylic on canvas, 30 x 26 cms

Self pleasure is taboo. There is a long history of men painting female nudes. I wanted to paint a woman (myself) in control of my own pleasure and invite the viewer to consider how this makes them feel. Hence, although the figure is exposed it is a powerful figure which appears to be questioning the gaze of the viewer.

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Posted by: John (ID:338)
Membership: New User
I love that you are uninhibited and have the freedom of mind to allow me to watch . Yes your strength and power are a turn on and I enjoy watching you pleasuring yourself. I love your body and that you are looking straight at me. GREAT PAINTING.

Posted: 2015-Feb-04   22:45

RowID: 71


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