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Venus 2 by Fionn Wilson Venus 2

By Fionn Wilson | More art by Fionn Wilson

Category: Painting

Art Number: 251

'Venus 2' is from a series of Venuses which represent the liberated sexual woman. The Venuses do not necessarily invite a sexual liaison - they are sexual for themselves, confident and immersed and revelling in their own sexuality for the sake of it.

This painting is one of a series of self portraits/sexual personae/archetypes. It was shown at The Ply Gallery, London (2016) as part of 'My sex, my self', an exhibition of self portraits by women artists examining sexuality and sensuality, curated by myself.

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Fionn Wilson (ID:214)
My Art (6)
This is a self portrait of myself reveling in my sexuality and awareness of myself as a sexual being. I wanted to convey a sense of strength and of life force and energy. It was painted in heavy body acrylic on canvas and is 40 x 50 cms (2013).

Posted: 2013-May-02   19:32

RowID: 35

Posted by: John (ID:338)
Membership: New User
You succeeded in portraying your sexuality ,strength and life force .The painting is sexy and erotic and very inviting . It is magnetic drawing me in to be close .

Posted: 2015-Feb-04   22:57

RowID: 75


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