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Peeping Rose by Daydream Peeping Rose

By Daydream | More art by Daydream

Category: Other

Art Number: 621

fabric sewed on canvas + plastic doll
40x50 cm
The vagina is extremely important for female art. Men think they could dominate her by being cool. That's why this man laughes, BUT he does not realise that he is swallowed by the vagina while he just wanted to explore her a bit. So men, be nice and gentle to vaginas as you never know what might happen if you are not. :-)

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Daydream (ID:319)
My Art (4)
Peeping Rose ... Men sometimes are not aware of their real situation.... :-)

Posted: 2014-Sep-22   22:00

RowID: 68

Raggio (ID:347)
My Art (3)
Point taken.

Posted: 2016-Jan-20   20:58

RowID: 77


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