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Girl And Lurcher by hattiebatten Girl And Lurcher

By hattiebatten | More art by hattiebatten

Category: Painting

Art Number: 651

My work is very personal and often depicts my relationships and feelings I have towards certain people in my life. Many of my ideas are heavily influenced by mythology's use of metaphor to describe the human condition, particularly Ovid's Metamorphosis. Relationships and emotional states are represented by the transformation of people into animals, and in my work, abstract shapes and forms. Furthermore, Frida Kahlo's “incorporat[ion] [of] symbolic portrayals of physical and phycological wounds” is something of great fascination to me.

When I painted Girl And Lurcher (2013, Oil on canvas, approx. 50x41cm) I was thinking about the man I love. I wanted to give a sense of the voluptuous sensuality I felt under his gaze. I sometimes feel embarrassed around animals if they come into my room when I am naked, and this feeling is similar to how I felt when he looked at me.

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