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Seeds In The Wind by Julymoonart Seeds In The Wind

By Julymoonart | More art by Julymoonart

Category: Photograph

Art Number: 69

The theory :A melted layer of 2013 photographs and painting merged together to create a new artistic print.
This work was inspired by a conversation overheard at a cafe between a group of thirty something men discussing how many women they had had sex with without using a condom.I wanted to stand up and shout "too many children created without thought is so not fair", but the gift of listening in silence is more powerful. My thought response to the conversation was: Men who spread their seed with liberal abandonment without a thought about the results of their labour of [love?]should really watch `Life of Plants'.

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Ha ha ha I really am laughing its great!

Posted: 2013-Feb-20   21:11

RowID: 17


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