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Implications of Desire by Julymoonart Implications of Desire

By Julymoonart | More art by Julymoonart

Category: Photograph

Art Number: 70

Why did you want it Emily?
Sticky fingers and moist mouth
Blushed lips
Dipped eyes fringed with lashes
And angel wings
To cloak
Why did you feel it Emily?
Wet moments of endless pleasure
Switched thighs
Painted lips of cherry juice
And a tongue
To lap
Why did you touch it Emily?
Rosebud kisses and fingered moments
Sucked nipples
Tapped pulse and stroked clit
And a glove
To stroke
Why did you listen to it Emily?
Vibrant chords played on a chastised muff
A melody chasing a hick
A rhyme thrummed spine
And a drum
To tap
Why did you think it Emily?
Blowing whispers across ebony skin
Finger fucking wet dreams
Memories of hot hands
And a silk scarf
To cloak

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