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Voyeur by Fionn Wilson Voyeur

By Fionn Wilson | More art by Fionn Wilson

Category: Painting

Art Number: 804

'Voyeur' invites the viewer into a dialogue around the idea of sexual voyeurism and objectification. It asks questions regarding the dynamic between the observer and the observed. Who is watching who?

This painting is one of a series of self portraits/sexual personae/archetypes. It was shown at The Ply Gallery, London (2016) as part of 'My sex, my self', an exhibition of self portraits by women artists examining sexuality and sensuality, curated by myself.

"This is the bravery of an artist. This is the equivalent of standing alone on a stage and singing about love." - writer David Astbury.

"Beautiful. Quiet. Sensual. Subtle too." - Painter Joan Snyder

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