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Yellow Wallpaper by Circe Yellow Wallpaper

By Circe | More art by Circe

Category: Painting

Art Number: 94

oil on canvas
24in. x 36in.

Inspired by Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story " The Yellow Wallpaper ", Circé explores a scene from that story while adding elements that displays through image the " descent into madness ". A descent that has been driven by isolation, abuse, stigma, " hysteria " and other " female neurotic maladies " that historically have been used to label to label, pathologize and force treament for the " mental health " and “ well being “ women.

The vague shapes visible in the wallpaper brings us to the understanding that in freeing ourselves, we are freeing others, and our struggles are irrevocably connected. In her attempt to free the shadowy figures in the wallpaper, she is also working to free herself. Circé notes that the heroine is fierce and her capacity for survival, as with all women, is equally fierce.

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