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Sirius 17 User Name: Sirius 17
Membership: IT Director
Country: UK UK
Last seen: Sunday 14:56
Joined: 2013 Mar 01
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I live and work in a typical sleepy old English town with lots of old pubs, live bands, history and a slow winding creek.

I spent my earlier years in the Army travelling to many countries including Germany, Canada, Belize, Denmark and Saudi Arabia. I also spent some time working for other companies but the 9-5 thing just isn't my style. I am now in a position to work (or not) on whatever I feel is cool and interesting.

I develop and fund Internet start-ups on all kinds of subjects like rare books, rare cars, art, modelling, music and business, to name but a few. It has led to some very interesting invites where I have met some very interesting people from rock bands to glamour models to artists to investment bankers.

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