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Orgasm Photographs and Interviews
The project involved the participation of 25 women of different ages, nationalities, and cultural and sexual background to share intimate stories about their own experiences achieving orgasm. A partner asked each subject the same five questions and I photographed the women immediately after their responses to capture spontaneous emotional and physical states and in many ways to transcend the erotic. These are the questions:
• "What does the word orgasm mean to you?"
• "Can you remember your first orgasm and show the feelings to the camera?"
• "Can you remember your strongest orgasm and show the feelings to the camera?"
• “Do you have fantasies when you create or experience an orgasm?”
• “What is the future of orgasm in society / in the world?”
Linda Troeller is an award-winning photographer living in New York City. The work in her acclaimed book about her many years living at the legendary Chelsea Hotel entitled Chelsea Hotel: An Artist's Memoir was exhibited at the F/Stop Photography Festival in Leipzig, Germany; the University of the Arts in Philadelphia; and the Melkweg Gallery and Coda Museum in The Netherlands. She has been published by Aperture with her Pictures of the Year awarding winning book, Healing Waters, and by powerHouse Books for Spa Journeys. She has co-authored two books with Marion Schneider – the pioneering volume, Erotic Lives of Women (Scalo, 1998) and Orgasm: Photographs and Interviews (Daylight, 2014). Troeller’s photographs are in the collections of the University of Texas, Austin; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Smithsonian Museum; among other venues. She exhibited Self-Portrayal, a collection of self-portraits, at Ververs Gallery, Amsterdam, and won an IPA Award for the work in 2009 for “Self-Portraiture.”
A documentary on her photography, "Inside the Frame: Linda Troeller, IS released january 2015 by Canadian filmmaker, Jeff McKay.
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"Enough of the clinical studies, the charts, graphic shots and representations.. Photographer LInda Troeller, interviewer Marion Schneider and the women who reveal themselves in this quest, return to Orgasm its great mystery and magic. This is the power of orgasm and the power of art."
Veronica Vera Cottingham, Doctor of Human Sexuality

I admire tremendously Linda Troeller’s exploration to womens’s experience of orgasm. It’s not a subject that I feel comfortable to talk about or even explore, but her visual images speak to larger issues of how women perceive themselves; more importantly, what they want.
Karen Sinsheimer, Photography Curator, Santa Barbara Museum of Art

For nearly two decades, I have been following the work of Linda and Marion and value their search for truth and sincerity very highly. Female eroticism is the source of creation and creativity and the world needs to know more about this. Their book is a landmark in that domain and is very well done.
Dr Kenneth R. Pelletier, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Professor of Public Health

Linda Troeller's latest photographic project takes a very important step toward greater understanding of female orgasm, particularly the fact that each woman experiences it in a unique way. The stories by Marion Schneider that accompany the insightful portraits in the Intimacies series further reveal the complexities of orgasm and sexual experience for women.
Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Curator of Art, Artifacts, and Photographs The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

There are very few people who, in our pornified society, can visually capture and eroticize the female and feminine body without objectifying it. In her photographs, Linda Troeller captures the confidence, strength, and power in women’s erotic lives. And she does so without the usual trite and cliché images of feminine vulnerability and modesty and without the masculine gaze. Linda Troeller’s subjects, the women she photographs, come alive in her work as just that. Desiring and desirable subjects rather than sexual objects.
Mimi Schippers, Associate Professor and Director Women's Studies Program, Tulane University

"Due to the repression and shame imposed by patriarchy, we are still at the onset of exploration of female sexuality and eroticism. Not only does this book reveal the power, divinity, originality, and necessity of female orgasm, but by giving women agency and voice regarding their sexuality, it becomes a deeply erotic work in itself. This book is an orgasm. Each woman, a brave sex artist mapping a landscape of pleasure, explosion, and mythic delight. The project makes it clear that orgasms not only liberate women's lives, but can save the world as well."
Eve Ensler, Author and Speaker

Linda and Marion’s first photography and story book, “The Erotic Lives of Women,” was fearless. But they never rested— their new book is about women's orgasm – as told and shown by real women across every social strata. Frank, confrontational, and intensely gratifying.
Susie Bright, Sexpert, Author, Big Sex, Little Death: A Memoir

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