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Competition - Category: Competitions - Thread ID: 11
Donna R (ID:242)
I can't work out how to enter the competition, sorry if I'm being stupid. Can anyone help?

Posted: 2013-May-11   15:09

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Donna R (ID:242)
Can anyone advise me on how to enter the competition?

Posted: 2013-May-11   15:10

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Donna R (ID:242)
I've read the insructions on the site and uploaded some work but I don't see where to enter? x

Posted: 2013-May-11   15:11

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Sirius 17 (ID:1)
IT Director
The competition is closed now, we are in the judging phase

Posted: 2013-May-14   09:31

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Director (ID:2)
The Competition is currently being judged they are working very hard on it. The short list will be announced soon and the winner possibly not until June now both the judges are very busy thanks JoWonder. Please remember I am not a judge or a web technician just the Director of the web site-thanks Jo

Posted: 2013-May-15   13:54

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