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Hijab Any - Thread ID: 12
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Not sure hijab or nun's habit is something to be ridiculed for some people it is a form of dignity. Liberation for women is about diversity and listening and learning about others.

A man put an image of a woman in a nuns habit with her breasts bare and a gas mask on with the caption 'Give Me Some New Habits' I didn't like the fantasy behind this image, to me it reinforced that somehow the woman was not wearing or thinking what she wanted to but, was really thinking what the viewer (the man or the atheist) wanted her to.

The image looked to me all around immature and maybe puts across why some women may want to wear a habit in the first place.. not that I am in a position to comment as I don't wear one.

A mentality, that doesn't allow people to be their own individuals sexually with their own personal identity is cruel. Sadly the man who posted this image on facebook did not understand this criticism when I pointed it out, but was worth the effort pointing it out! Acceptance of diversity is the way forward to peace on this planet and this is the new habit that we need today.

Most things have complex twists and ironies within them its just what angle you see fromů

Posted: 2013-Mar-08   11:02

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Posted by: CordeliaDonohoe (ID:207)
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Yes, I am very interested in exploring the veil in terms of the knock on effects it has in relation to the representation of Western women, rather than knocking it as oppressive. Westerners are certainly oppressed by the image.

Posted: 2013-Apr-23   12:22

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