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Solid 19K Yellow Gold Handmade Extreme Erotica Necklace Weighing 449.1 Grams For Sale!! Any - Thread ID: 26
Posted by: Erotica Necklace (ID:358)
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This Erotica Necklace is truly a one of a kind piece and can be yours! Each individual link is different from the next- not just slightly different, but completely different composed of different positions. The necklace begins at the very top with male genitalia. The spacers in between each link on the top half of the necklace are 7 male genitalia and the spacers between each link on the bottom half are 6 devil heads. As the spacers get closer to the bottom of the necklace, the devil heads get larger. This brings us to an angel holding a torch, which holds the two sides of the chain. Suspending from this angel is a large drop pendant of a mythical snake/fish like creature. Suspending from this creature is a four person orgy. Each piece is handmade with the utmost care and intricate detail, unlike any other piece of gold jewelry we have ever seen!!!!


Posted: 2016-Nov-05   19:51

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